We produce dresses made of sea debris: those you can easily pick up at the beach, such as pieces of plastic, plastic bottles, fishing nets, etc. A fashion show and its related events will be held on the beach where the sea debris was found.




Project Background

Doing what I love to do eventually connected to the activities of environmental cleaning and the revaitalization of my region.

My name is Kazuhiro Hakata. I am an artist creating and expressing a variety of things and based on Fukiage Town in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. I call myself a “passionist”. It is because my activities originated by the passion flowing inside of me: costume designing and making, painting pictures, creating art objects, human body expressions, composing songs, planning events, etc.
During the ten years from 2009 to 2018, I have been promoting the “FUKIAGE WONDER MAP” which implements the revaitalization of the region by art and continuing my own creative activities at the same time.
However, since the project was becoming bigger year by year, so I was unable to do my own business. Therefore, we opened the project, “FUKIAGE WONDER MAP 10” in 2018 as the final event.
Since then, I have been devoting myself to my business as an artist without being involved in the region’s activities.
I now feel something is missing, because I had been taking care of the project “FUKIAGE WONDER MAP” for ten years.
I was recently asked to produce works of art with environmental problems. So, I made some dresses made of trash we see everywhere.
Then I was attracted by the sea debris collected on FUKIAGE beach as a material of works of art. I now produce works with sea debris as my main activity.
Though I haven’t started this project with an environmental problem in mind, collecting sea debris on the beach every day naturally made me interested in ocean pollution. I then began to think about this and research the problem.
Now I can understand the environmental problems better than before. Through my creative activities, I have kept my stance as follows: I want to pick them up, I need them and it is necessary. I have not tried to solve them nor informed them to the public.
I was able to continue my activities without a lot of pressure because it was what I wanted to do. This ended up with the environmental cleaning of FUKIAGE-Beach.
A lot of people have visited the fashion show where I exhibited my artworks. It was held at FUKIAGE beach where the sea debris for the dresses was collected.
The opening of the show unexpectedly lead to the advertisement and revaitalization of FUKIAGE town. I am happy that my business had collaborated with the town again.
I would like to continue and expand it as my life work from now on.




The prospects for the project.


Visitors and participants of the FUKIAGE-beach GOMIS collection 2019 and 2020 gave us their comments and impressions as follows: “My point of view of sea debris has changed in my mind.” “It was fun to pick up trash as I was conscious of a different understanding that it will become a material of dresses.” “I was excited to see them become beautiful dresses.”
These comments show the concept of the project. This means that we are getting success with raising people’s awareness of collecting trash on the beach.
Collecting sea debris has become attractive! I would like to continue the project of “exciting sea debris collection” so that a lot of people will know it and join us.



Exciting Sea Debris Collection!

In addition, we have been planning some projects other than the “sea debris dresses fashion show” by Kazuhiro Hakata, in which people would set a goal to join, so that a lot of them would excitingly collect trash in town and on the beach.
Here are some examples as follows: A workshop of dresses and accessories made from sea debris, a fashion show by invited public participants, a portrait exhibition of people who wear or use sea debris as fashion items, etc.
If possible, I would like to implement something where participants can share their contributions of collected sea debris on SNS on a smartphone.




The prospects for the project.
Things ahead of the “Exciting Sea Debris Collection”

Easy Going SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were implemented in 2015. We are supposed to be committed to achieve them, such as ocean pollution problems and the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) as common global issues of humankind. However, I am afraid that talking about them loudly and forcing them to join activities would lead people to a tense atmosphere. It could backfire (be counterproductive) as well.
The activities that I have experienced: doing what you want to do happens to lead you to achieving SDGs. As a consequence, this could be unexpectedly accepted by many people. Then their activities will keep going on for longer.
These activities must be the project which I can propose to people
“We pick up sea debris because it’s fun.”
“We collect sea debris because we need it as a material to make something.”
“We choose only what we need among sea debris on the beach.”
I believe that this easygoing method of FUKIAGE-beach GOMIS collection must be the project which I can propose to many people, which in turn can aim for the compete cleaning of our environment.


Let’s make an attractive region and facilities with excitement together!

I think that the spreading of these activities, in which participants of the projects enjoy the exciting sea debris collection, leads to an improved attractiveness of the region and facilities with collected sea debris. We would like it if you give the fashion show and the exhibition of sea debris dresses a chance.
I would be very happy if you understand the possibility to bring excitement on our project and join the GOMIS collection together with Kazuhiro Hakata. We look forward to your participation.











Collaboration between people and the sea




Attractive as a material for marine debris, a material suitable for clothing




Plastic is not bad





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Title: Passionist.
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